• Green Factories

    Today’s increasingly urgent environmental challenges require society to use energy and resources more efficiently. There is a limit to the degree of environmental impact reduction that can be achieved solely by one company. Leading global companies should increase their positive contribution to global environmental preservation by expanding the focus of their activities to suppliers of parts and materials, throughout the entire supply chain.

  • Green Products

    Given the widespread awareness of environmental and social challenges faced by the world today, the value that people seek is shifting from material wealth to improvements in the quality of society. By understanding the envolving values of society and contributing solutions, Konica Minolta is able to continue developing competitive products which enhance profitability.

  • Green Marketing

    Environmental issues such as global warming and resource depletion cannot be solved by the efforts of just one company. All companies need to raise their level of contribution to global environment preservation throughout the value chain. This can be achieved by going beyond the companies immediate range of activities, and creating shared value with customers, communities and other take holders.