Professional Client Billing

Client Billing

Users may allocate printing expenses to Shared Accounts using pop-up client software. Shared Accounts are accessible to multiple users. In professional organizations they may represent:

  • Clients or accounts
  • Project or phase
  • Client/matter
  • Department or cost center

The workflow is as follows:

  • Administrators manage the list of accounts
  • End-users allocate printing to the accounts
  • Reports are automatically available, allowing costs to be charged back to the client (invoiced)

Account Selection

Print jobs can be charged to accounts using the account selection popup, a feature of the client tool¬† (A small software component that runs on user systems, allowing them to track their own usage). PaperCut’s professional client billing licensing option includes the advanced client as standard for all users. It is specially designed to suit organizations making heavy use of the account charging features in PaperCut. This is something that could be of great benefit to schools, colleges and universities in which teachers and students must account for their own print usage.

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