Document Processing

Reliable OCR text recognition

Textual content is reliably recognised in electronic and paper documents and transformed into editable, extractable or searchable content.

Popular file formats

Automatic conversion into the most popular electronic formats is supported, including Word, Excel, PDF, sPDF, JPEG, TIFF, XML, PDF/A.

Barcode recognition

This facilitates separating documents and routing them in line with the information contained in the barcode.

Optical mark-up recognition

The OMR functionality facilitates reading out surveys helping to analyse, process or distribute the content, depending on the mark-up.

Image improvement

The application automatically enhances and improves the captured document. Features include the deletion of white spaces, borders and empty pages, removal of dots and punch-hole shadows, as well as operations such as deskewing, despeckling, rotating or smoothing of pictures.

FreeForm and zone recognition

This enables recognition according to rules and zones. Documents are processed individually according to their recognised content. Since no manual intervention is required, automation and therefore user convenience is much enhanced.