Truly Multifunctional

As in most industries, technology is moving forward at an extraordinary rate. In the days before the digital revolution, the photocopier changed little over the years, constrained by the limits of the analogue technology.

With the introduction of digital technology everything changed, and today we have the modern multi function printer with the ability to scan, print, fax and copy with amazing efficiency. The modern multi function printer now offers truly “multifunctional” capabilities with the ability to do tasks while busy with another job, such as scanning or faxing while busy with printing jobs.

Introduced in 2004, the first bizhub product from Konica Minolta provided low cost true full colour capabilities. Ethos Imaging is proud to supply Konica Minolta’s latest Bizhub IoT-enabled multifunction printers. Their latest creations continue to develop the way we utilise multifunctional devices in an office environment.

The i-series employs smart device technology which provides further office connectivity, fuelling productivity and innovation. Quick menu navigation allows for more efficient business processes, simplifying complex tasks and creating a richer working environment.


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Benefits at a glance

Job preview – illustrates selected copy functions on screen –

Custom function bar – Up to 2 x 7 copy functions can be freely selected for the main copy screen

Copy protection – Prints a concealed security watermark in the background that appears when copied

Blank page removal – Automatic deletion of blank pages e.g. when copying mixed simplex and duplex documents

Card shot – Front and back side original copy on same side e.g. for passports

Print Preview driver – Preview on the screen your print job prior to sending the job, reducing wasted paper due to setting errors – see videos on environment page under “Other green technologies”

MyTab – Print driver customisation – customise the MyTab screen for your most favoured print settings, saving time and simplifying printer use.

Carbon Copy Print – Single page printing from multiple trays – need to print a document on multiple sheets from different trays? The bizhub can do it!

Direct Print – Driverless printing of PDF, XPS, DOCx, XLSx, PPTx, JPEG, TIFF, PS and PCL – printer not installed on your PC? No problem, you don’t need one with the above document types.

Smart job queue – Unprintable jobs e.g. because of unavailable paper size (copy, print and fax) are bypassed by consecutive jobs – no more jobs backing up because of job error.

Toner safe mode – Helps save toner by reducing toner consumption e.g. for draft prints – better for the environment and reduces costs.

Mobile Printing – Printing and scanning from/To Android and Apple mobile and Tablet – Using with cloud services

Dual Scan – Front and back of each page scanned simultaneously – Doubles the scanning speed up to 140 originals per minute, perfect for document archiving and other large volume scanning

Scan-to-Me/Home – Direct scan to own email address (Me) or SMB folder (Home) based on Active Directory information – automatically knows who you are and sets the Me/Home scan destination

Scan preview – Provides a real-time preview of scanned originals for checking before sending – using the large tablet-style full-colour touch screen, documents can be viewed clearly before sending.

Addressbook – MFP and network-based address books can be used and searched

Below is a short video produced by an Australian supplier demonstrating the Scan Preview feature:

Fax forwarding – Forwarding of incoming fax documents to email or to SMB folder instead of printing – saves paper and lost faxes.

PC-Fax – Direct fax transmission from the PC – No need to print a document and then fax it, just send it to fax straight from your PC

IP-Fax – Sending of fax messages via a network between Konica Minolta MFPs; supports colour as well as black & white

Digital receipt – Incoming faxes can be stored as a file in public or secure userboxes – provides a secure method of receiving faxes, the userbox cab protected with a password assuring no unauthorised access.

Fax separation – Output and paper tray can be selected for the fax print – want to make it clear when there is fax in the copy tray? Specify a paper tray (maybe using coloured paper) and the exit tray.

Box function – Storing of print, copy, scan and fax jobs for recall to send and print – for frequently printed documents like brochures, forms, price lists etc. – reduces network traffic and provides a central access point for all users. Documents can be viewed via the large tablet-style full-colour touch screen.

Personal, Group and Public – User access definition for different boxes – ensure only the right access is available.

Sharing – Copying of documents from userbox to userbox.

Online access – User box file access via web browser or box operator utility.

Authentication – User access by password, user name + password, ID card or finger vein scanner – a variety of authentication methods to meet your working environment

Data encryption – Encryption of data stored on hard disk and password protection for hard disk access

Fully ISO-15408 EAL3 certified – Proven security

Network security – Support for SSL/TLS, HTTPS, 802.1x and IPsec

bizhub Secure – Konica Minolta Security consultancy and MFP setup

Data Security

Konica Minolta Digital Analyst Francis Hooi provides a brief summary of the three principal areas to consider in securing your confidential information when using multi-function devices.

Dynamic eco timer – Automatic analysis of working hours and adjustment of sleep mode timing

Weekly timer – Sleep mode timer setting on a day and date basis

ECO meter – Counter for ECO related items e.g. power consumption

Simitri HD toner – Includes biomass

Induction Heating – IH fusing system with high efficiency and accuracy

Print Preview Driver – preview print jobs on screen before they leave your computer, reducing wasted prints due to errors

Find out about multifunction printers and their impact on the environment

A wide range of finishing options are available, including booklet making, banner printing, letter fold and more…

Find out how the bizhub product compares with alternatives you may be considering. Contact us for competitor analysis report showing all the important statistics you need to consider before making your decision.