Anytime Anywhere

In recent years, the workplace has transformed into a much more mobile experience. Your employees are now able to work while on the move, from a customer’s office, or work from home. And as a mobile workforce, they’re much more likely to be using mobile devices for fast and effective communication.

Konica Minolta’s mobile printing solution is designed to meet the requirements of your modern workforce, and without requiring any additional infrastructure. All you need is a mobile device, and remote printing can be enabled easily. So you and your employees can stay flexible and print from any location on your corporate network.

You can keep your company’s confidential data completely secure and prevent access by unauthorised personnel. You’ll control the access rights, by setting up an individual ID and password for each employee. You can even limit access for those who should be able to copy confidential data. And there’s easy set up for guest access to your printers.

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