The Problem

Over time, organisations acquire an increasing number of desktop printers and multifunction devices. The running costs of these devices are generally not monitored with supplies costs being bundled into stationary budgets. In addition, the management of supplies is usually the responsibility of an office staff member. Typically, an organisation will have a mix of laser printers, inkjets printers and floor standing multifunction devices, perhaps with advanced finishing capabilities.

Some of these devices are more expensive to print to than others, generally with ink jets being the most costly and the floor standing multifunction device being the cheapest. There would not usually be any system in place to optimise the cost-effective use of these devices, leading to unnecessary costs and wastage.
Organisations are now becoming increasingly conscious of the hidden costs of running their printer fleet, and are seeking ways to reduce costs, remove the burden of supplies management and control print output to ensure cost-effective printing.

Our process for understanding your needs and developing a bespoke solution for consists of three main aspects: Consultation, Implementation, and management.

Step 1: Consultation

This step consists of 3 phases

Data Gathering Phase

This initial information gathering stage is of vital importance. We work to ensure accurate assessment of needs and current costs by using specialist software to capture existing print asset data including print volumes and conduct interviews with key users to establish specific needs, workflows and service level requirements. Additional data such as install dates help create an accurate assessment of the Total Cost Of Ownership.

Data Assessment Phase

An analysis of the data collected is then used to produce a calculation of the Total Cost Of Ownership of the existing printer fleet. Depending on the level of data collected, this may be a precise assessment based on the data collected or may be an estimation using benchmark market costs. A detailed analysis of established needs and recommendations to meet the required document processes will also form part of the assessment.

Design Phase

Once the data gathering and assessment are completed, the next step is to design a printer fleet solution that meets all of the established needs. This will include the installation of new products and may also include the retention of some of the existing products, bringing them all under one managed solution. Print management software will be included to both monitor and control print output, providing facilities such as “follow me” printing and applying rules as defined by your organisation. Device management software also forms part of the Managed Print solution, automating the supply of consumables, the collection of meter readings and monitoring the status of the devices.

Step 2: Implementation

Upon acceptance of the proposed solution, a project management process will be activated and a key project manager assigned. Regular reports on progress will be provided and a timetable of events established with the organisations IT and management team.  Detailed user and administrator documentation will be provided to cover hardware, print management software and device management software. Administrator access to print management and device management applications will also be set up. Tailored training to key users will also be provided, with additional web-based material available.

Step 3: Management

A pro-active service will form part of the ongoing management including remote monitoring, automated delivery of consumables and collection of meter readings for billing. Online access will also be provided to the device management software module, including the viewing of meter history, supplies alerts and machine status. An ongoing assessment of needs will also form part of the management process with six monthly reviews to keep up with changes in
your organisation.

A Cycle of Evolution and Change

As your organisation grows or adapts to external pressures, as part of our Managed Print Service we continue to consult with your key management and IT, ensuring the products and services continue to be appropriate for your needs.

The Benefits of Managed Print Service