Making Work Easier


In an industry saturated with suppliers and a wide range of products, how will you make your decision? What will be most important to you, will it be cost? Perhaps how long the supplier has been established? Or of course someone you feel you can trust? Probably all these and more will play a part in your decision process. So how will Ethos Imaging fare? We’ll to help you with your assessment, here are some details about us and our business philosophy.

An Employee Owned Company


After a long period of consultation and reflection, the process was initiated to transfer the business to employee ownership. In March 2017 Ethos Imaging completed the transition and is now wholly owned by its employees. As part of the process, Ethos Imaging joined the Employee Ownership Association.

Why did we make this move? What were the benefits for us, and most importantly, what are the benefits for our customers?
There are many advantages to employee ownership, but for us, one of the biggest factors is the renewed focus of our team. Being a small company in a competitive market, we maintain a collaborative approach to working; this has been strengthened by our Employee Ownership status. Employees now have greater insight and input to the overall business and we are a more engaged and fulfilled workforce. With regular meetings, the team is kept up to date and shares input in all aspects of the business. A motivated and involved workforce reduces employee turn over and improves morale resulting in greater customer engagement. The analysis of employee-owned business performance speaks for itself.




A Long Established Konica Minolta Dealer


Ethos Imaging has a long relationship with Konica Minolta, dating back to 1997. This long term relationship has enabled us to develop very strong product knowledge over the years, increasingly important as hardware and related software become ever more sophisticated. In addition, a long established relationship with the manufacturer helps a great deal when support is required.

Are We Competitive?

We do recognise that cost plays an important part in the decision process. However, it is not always the primary consideration. At Ethos Imaging we ensure that our pricing is at a competitive level in the industry but that does not mean we will always be the cheapest. Our primary concern is to ensure that we have priced our products and services at a level that ensures we are able to provide the service levels expected and the right quality of consumables that ensures reliable performance.

Our business philosophy

A Supplier You Can Trust

At Ethos Imaging we believe that long term business relationships are based on trust and openness. Some of our clients have been with us from the time the business first started trading in 1991. How is this openness shown in practice? Well, we firmly believe that to be successful in business does not require underhand business practices or onerous terms hidden in small print. As a result, all of our agreements have clear terms and conditions, with any terms that affect costs or service being clearly displayed. We do not have any terms that are unusual in the industry, but we do make them obvious where others may not.

A Proactive Approach to Service

Responding quickly to a clients request is of course very important. However, the technology now exists to monitor the performance and status of hardware remotely, with automatic notifications when there is a service or consumables requirement. While some suppliers may offer this service as an option, we feel that not only does it benefit our clients, but it also helps us to be more efficient and cost-effective. As a result, we include this proactive technology in our standard service support agreements.


This service includes

  • Automated toner supply – no need to order new toner, never run out of stock.
  • Automated notification of faults – we will usually be aware of a technical issue before you!
  • Automated meter reading collection – No need to send meter details, ensures correct meter billing.

Customer Reviews

  • I joined my current company 3½ years ago, and at the time we were with a copier company that came across as being your “bog-standard, normal copier company”; 4-8 hour call outs, machine that seemed to constantly be unreliable…I couldn’t even change the waste toner collector. When I phoned up to log a call-out, I was treated like a number…just another client…and as we only have 1 copier, not a very profitable one at that. In the space of 1 year, we’d had to call them out 11 times for reoccurring problems. That was nearly 2 years ago now.

    In October 2007, we changed over to Ethos Imaging, and for want of a better phrase…we’ve never looked back. Despite being a comparatively small organisation, when calling up to request toner cartridges and on the rare occasion we’ve had an error code, I’ve nearly always spoken to the same person, and we are treated as an important customer rather than just a number. Since having the machine, we have had to call Ethos 6 times – and most of those times, the error has been sorted over the phone. I must be honest and admit that on one of those occasions, an engineer did need to come out as someone had put the paper in the wrong way in the large capacity tray and jammed the thing…so not quite the copier’s fault. But even then, the engineer was with us within about 1½ hours, and we’re in the City.

    In short, Ethos Imaging are a friendly, professional organisation whose attention to detail – not just on their service but on their advice and recommendations – is of the highest level. Our copier always appears to be reliable and not complicated…something which has put us off other copiers. (And I can even change the waste toner collector!)

    When I first spoke to Ernie, I was told that if I had any problems, Ethos were but a phone call away, and the simple truth of the matter is…they are! If I have any queries, or problems with error codes, my calls are answered straight away and solved usually within minutes….if not, then a couple of hours at most. An asset to the copier market – larger organisations could learn a lot from this one.

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